August 18, 2018

I baked these delicious cookies with my little boy. He is always so interested in what I am doing in the kitchen and observes me very often. He is super proud when he is allowed to help me, so I promised him that we make cookies together… so we did!

They are vegan, healthy, neither too sweet, nor too greasy. I again used white spelt flour with a combination of buckwheat, oat flour and ground hazelnuts. I also made them with coconut sugar. You are free to use raw cane sugar instead, as well as wheat flour or a gluten free blend.

It was actually the first time that I baked something with coconut blossom sugar and I really loved it. I was quite opposed to using coconut sugar before doing some research. I thought it has the absolute same effects like cane sugar on your body and is just less sustainable. As I discovered that this is both not the case however, I wanted to try it.

chocolate chip cookies stacked on smal white plate with more cookies in background



My husband, my son and I, we are very used to eating desserts with a relatively low sugar amount. I only bake and cook like this. It is really rare that I use high quantity sugar recipes. I can’t handle too much sugar. First of all, in my view it doesn’t taste good, as the prominent sweetness eclipses all the other flavours. In a way it is true that sugar is of course a flavor enhancer, but too much of it causes the contrary. Second of all, it makes me very hyper in the first 30 minutes or so, and then I get so tired that I want to sleep. For me this doesn’t feel healthy.

Unfortunately most cafés and ice cream places work differently these days, also in Berlin. Eating ice cream or finding a good cake, mostly means being forced to eat a lot of sugar. That is one reason why I rarely enjoy coffee and cake, or an ice cream outside. I would lie saying that it tastes bad, but it just doesn’t taste genuine. All the natural honest flavours are not in the focus, only the sugar. For my opinion, this is cheating the cheapest way, but not the art of cooking or baking. Nature offers so many incredible flavors, so why not use and enjoy them?!

Instead we people often do the opposite. We take for example the precious cocoa bean, make chocolate ice cream out of it, by pouring so much sugar and milk powder in it, that there is little trace of the taste of pure cocoa bean left. It might be too different, maybe to bitter or maybe too acidic in taste for the average chocolate ice cream consumer. All the versatile flavors, that differ extremely depending on the cocoa bean, are wasted.

We are so lucky to have this amazing ice cream place around the corner, that makes just plant based ice cream only with organic ingredients, without refined sugar, gluten free and soy free. As sweetener they usually use coconut sugar or syrup, or maple syrup. It is really delicious! I especially love their pistachio flavor and their raw chocolate. You are able to taste the pure aromas, not overloaded by sugar or fat. You can’t imagine what offensive reviews they get because of being so different and unique. People say things like “it tastes too boring”, or “just like water”, “too expensive and nothing special”. They cost 20 % more than the average ice cream, which is totally understandable and would even be questionable if this wouldn’t be the case.

The fact that all the other ice cream places, which taste super sugary, are overrun and hyped, and this place gets often negative reviews saying it is too boring considering the price, shows that most people still go for the overloaded sugar experience instead of asking themselves what they are eating, what is in it, what flavors they are able to taste, where the ingredients come from, what is healthy for them…

That is sad and should be changed. Like by this plant based healthy ice cream place. Of course they also have a lot of supporters, like me, who were waiting for exactly this ice cream. I am sure that spots like this one, even show and teach people who weren’t aware of all this before, what they can change to be more healthy and sustainable. This is also my dream in the future: to have a café someday that does it differently. That shows and teaches people what they could eat to be more sustainable and healthy. Hopefully one day…

chocolate, hazelnuts and flour for chocolate chip cookies

little boy stiring flours in big bowl

chocolate chip cookie dough in big bowl image taken from above

chocolate chip cookies from the inside close view


SERVES: 20 cookies

150 g white spelt flour (type 630 in Germany)
50 g buckwheat flour
30 g oat flour
20 g oats
50 g ground hazelnuts
1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla sugar / or extract
60 g coconut blossom sugar
80 g vegan butter (room temperature)
40 g applesauce
30 g hazelnut butter
10 g ground flaxseeds
3 tbsp water
50 g dark chocolate 70% (vegan), cut into small cubes


Start by combining the flax seeds with the water and letting it rest for at least 10 minutes. Preheat oven to 180ºC (upper and lower heat) and line baking tray with parchment paper.

Combine all the flours, the oats, the grounded hazelnut, the baking powder, and the cinnamon in a medium bowl and stir to mingle.

Continue by mixing the vegan butter with the sugar for a couple of minutes in a stand mixer or with a hand held electric mixer.

Mix in the applesauce, the hazelnut butter, the vanilla extract and the flaxseed egg and stir until combined.

To the wet mixture add now the dry ingredients and stir either with the beater attachment of your stand mixer or just with a wooden spoon. Be careful not to knead for too long, just until everything is combined.

Shape around 20 cookies. I used an ice cream spoon to spoon out the dough and then I pressed it a bit flat into a cookie shape of around 6 cm diameter.

Bake the cookies for 17 minutes and then enjoy with a cold plant based milk.

Healthy for people & planet – please go always organic!

chocolate chip cookies raw on baking tray with parchment paper

little boy baking and formin chocolate chip cookies

vegan chocolate chip cookies in a bowl close up view


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