About Me

I am a young mother 30 years of age, currently living with my husband and my 3 year old son in the Algarve, Portugal. My family immigrated from Portugal to Munich, where I grew up. There I met my husband and from this day forward our life turned out to be much more chaotic than expected.

We moved around a lot, among other places, we lived in London, Paris, Munich and Berlin. At the end of 2018 we summoned the courage to move to the Algarve. Ever since then we have been building our life in this wonderful place.

Partly we moved so much because we studied in these cities to get to know other places and other cultures. It turned out that we moved so often, because we were still seeking for our proper place. A place where we can live out our attitude towards life and our mind and soul can live in harmony with the environment. A place which we can finally call HOME. We are pretty sure we have found it now πŸ™‚ .

I studied economics but very early during my studies my passion for food became more and more predominant. With my passion for cooking, increased also my interest for the origin, quality and finally sustainability aspects of the ingredients.

It is my dream to open an organic cafΓ©/deli in the Algarve and to find a nice home with my lovely two boys. Step by step we are following this dream and hopefully we will get there soon.

I started this blog to share my recipes, my sentiments and our path of life towards fulfilling our dream with you.

I think it is time to shape our lives environmentally sustainably concerning all our actions, be it shopping, traveling or cooking. We are all able to take action and change our thoughtless past behaviors. Think about people, animals, plants and the entire planet as one connected unity, for which we only wish the best.

It is not easy to know which actions are right or wrong. Perhaps often there is no such division, but we can try our best and be open for bettering.

BLACK MUSTARD is a wild mustard variety still growing in Portugal. For me the name stands for seeing the little beauties all around us, respecting and getting to know them. There are so many wild herbs and plants growing in the most unlikely places, everywhere in the worldΒ  and we do not even know they are edible. Also, I just really love mustard.

I hope that we all come closer together and try to learn from each other. I am so ready to absorb more and more knowledge and happy about every advice.

I hope you will have fun following BLACK MUSTARD.